Immune Wellness Pack

Immune Wellness Pack

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Vitamin C is essential for immune health. Because our body cannot manufacture Vitamin C, we must ensure that our diet contains this key vitamin and antioxidant. Vitamin C fights free radicals in the body and can decrease the length of cold symptoms. Research has shown that it also promotes a healthier heart, tissue repair, healthy aging and maintains healthy bones. 

La Presserie Immune Wellness Pack:
(Each box contains a 2 day program)

2 x Apple Kiwi Smoothie
2 x Tomato Orange Juice
2 x Carrot Orange Juice

Nutritional Details:
- Vitamin C - 100% of recommended daily intake ( 101 mg)
Program Details:

With Breakfast: 1 x  Apple Kiwi Smoothie
With Lunch: 1 x Tomato Orange Juice
Snack: 1 x Carrot Orange Juice

Recommended Duration: 2 days per week (1 Box)